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Gold Ear To invest in gold bars and precious metals of the highest quality and craftsmanship in SAUDI ARABIA

Gold Era services for buying and investing in gold

Shop Gold Era bars

You can buy various Gold Era bars, ingots, and gold coins of major international banks and companies at competitive prices through our online store with paid delivery service inside or outside the Saudi Arabia (delivery prices vary according to the region or country and quantity)

Dealer in physical gold

You can open an account in Saudi riyals or US dollars and buy gold at the global price, sell it and receive your profits from the sale process, or receive real gold after paying the difference in the global price with the price of the Saudi gold market with packaging, without risking any of your grams, as when prices fall, you still keep the amount of gold. You can invest your money without any risk with your entire capital, through the Gold Era application on smartphones or through the investor’s account on the website

With a few simple steps:

Create an account after filling in some necessary details and uploading the required documents

Obtain approval to add capital by bank transfer

Start trading with gold when prices fall and sell it when prices go up

Receiving profits on your account on the application or in the form of bars

Prices and costs for trading:

Dirham account

Gram – 24 fils An ounce – 7.35 dirhams

dollar account

Gram – 6 cents An ounce- 2 dollars

Services of merchants and shops selling gold

Merchants and shops licensed to sell gold can open a special account electronically and buy gold bars according to the international price and receive it at any time when requesting delivery in the desired weights, where the merchant can open an account with the company through which he buys Gold Era bars and sells them in his shop to his customers, after contracting with a company Gold Era to supply its gold bars to him with the availability of offers and discounts

    Corporate services

    Investment companies and portfolio companies can open an account with Gold Era to invest in gold and make gold within its investment pot with it and with its clients, where investment companies can put a gold pot inside their investment portfolio and work in partnership with Gold Era to provide its investment services in gold to the company and benefit from the profits of investing in gold

      Trading in gold

      You can trade and speculate on gold through the Gold Era company through the Meta Trader 5 platform

      Through your dollar account and investing in the price fluctuations of gold and achieving investment profits, the difference here is that you can benefit from the advantages of the platform to carry out buying and selling operations in the form of gold grams or ounces, and you can also get your profits in the form of cash or gold bullion bars without additional expenses on gold and speculation Here it means that you can earn a lot with a small amount, but it involves a risk to your capital

      Account types

      Silver account

      Deposit from 1:1000 dollars

      Platinum account

      Deposit from 1001:5000 dollars

      Golden account

      Deposit from 5001 dollars

      Administrative expenses vary according to the number of grams or servings (terms and conditions apply)

      Alloy design

      Gold Era provides alloy design service to its customers as desired

      Where individuals can design bars according to the desired shape and present them as gifts or keep them as an inheritance and as saving money in the form of gold bars for future generations.

      Either companies can design ingots bearing their logo as a kind of valuable gift to their employees or as an advertisement for them in the middle of the investment community

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      Gold Era Saving Bowl

      Gold Era provides a savings container for the customer by buying the customer gold in stages of time and the number of grams that suit his economic situation with receiving his in-kind gold after a period specified by the customer or reselling the gold to achieve profits and receive his money in cash

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