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Gold Ear To invest in gold bars and precious metals of the highest quality and craftsmanship in SAUDI ARABIA


How did Gold Era start?

New thinking in gold trading

An Egyptian joint stock company for the trade of precious metals, it has a headquarters in Egypt and other branches in Dubai, and Saudi Arabia.

Gold Era was established under the umbrella of Gold Era, one of the largest and most famous companies in the gold and precious products trading sector. Gold Era has the leadership in the field of precious metals trading, both locally and internationally.

Gold Era was launched at the beginning of 2020 with a new idea in trading precious metals. To promote the trading of gold trade in the markets and to be a creative thought in the future of gold trade as a safe haven for all investors.

Gold Era has a wide network of dealings in the Middle East and Africa. We are also keen to spread the culture of financial inclusion and digitization.

Gold Era seeks to build a strong, leading brand in the field of gold industry with international quality standards to promote gold investment worldwide. We also have sufficient capacity to deal with the challenges of gold trade as we planned for the future of gold trade before. This stems from our conviction that gold trading is the gateway to the future.

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Our vision

Gold Era seeks to spread the culture of investment and create a new generation of investors who are aware of the size of investment in minerals as the core of global investment.

Our goal

We strive to be your reference and first choice for all your investments in gold and your safe source for investing with confidence

Our principle

Constant striving to satisfy our customers by providing the best investment methods through continuous development and building an urgent and permanent joint relationship with them

Gold shapes from Gold Era

Gold Era gold bars

24 karat gold bars (purity 999.9) are available in different sizes, from grams to kilograms, to suit all .sizes of investment portfolios

Gold era gold coins

21 karat gold coins (purity 875) are available in the shapes of King George V and Queen Elizabeth II, available in different sizes starting from 2 grams to 8 grams, suitable for owners of small wallets

work team

Gold Era has a team of professional specialists in all economic, financial, technical, and administrative disciplines, as well as specialists in crisis management. All members of the Gold Era team are at the highest level of awareness and knowledge in all disciplines. They also have sufficient experience to deal with all the challenges of the money market, business and gold trade inside and outside Egypt.

The company assures all its valued clients of a profitable fixed investment in the short and long term. The company also includes under its umbrella a specialized team to follow up the movement of gold trading globally, step by step. The company also gives sufficient awareness in the field to everyone who wants to invest safely.

We work day and night to provide maximum financial inclusion for all investors.

Ahmed Fahim
General Counsel for Gold Era Group of Companies
John Luca
Economist and CEO of Gold Era
Osama Zarei
Economist, general technical analyst, and general manager of Gold Era branches

The Registration number, 1031391

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