Gold Era

How do I get started with Gold Era?

You can select the type of investment or a service from the various Gold Era services

Shop Gold Era bars

You can buy various Gold Era bars, ingots, and gold coins for major banks and international companies at competitive prices through our online store with delivery service

Dealer in physical gold

You can open an account in Saudi Riyal or US dollars, buy gold at the international price, sell it, and receive your profits from the sale process, or receive physical gold

Services of merchants and shops selling gold

Merchants and shops licensed to sell gold can open a special account for it electronically and buy gold bars according to the international price and receive it at any time when requesting delivery in the desired weights

Corporate services

Investment companies and portfolio companies can open an account with Gold Era to invest in gold and make gold within their investment pool with them and their clients.

Trading in gold

You can trade and speculate on gold through the Gold Era company through the Meta Trader5 platform Through your dollar account, investing in the price fluctuations of gold, and achieving investment profits that are compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia

alloy design

Gold Era provides alloy design service to its customers as desired Where individuals can design bars according to the desired shape and present them as gifts or keep them as an inheritance and as saving money in the form of gold bars for future generations. Either companies can design ingots bearing their logo as a kind of valuable gift to their employees or as an advertisement for them in the middle of the investment community

Gold Era Saving Bowl

Gold Era provides a savings container for the customer by buying the customer gold in stages of time and the number of grams that suit his economic situation with receiving his in-kind gold after a period specified by the customer or reselling the gold to achieve profits and receive his money in cash

Source of your confidence

If you are tired of losing money or being deceived by money and trading companies and you want to invest comfortably and without risk, with legal contracts that preserve your right with the company subject to the law of Saudi Arabia and the acquisition of the shiny metal, then you are in the right place, Gold Era is your best choice for safe investment in the safe haven

Gold Era is a company licensed by the Economic Commission No. 1031391

It is licensed by the Multi Commodities Authority with number 293227

It is authorized by the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) to practice electronic activity, with reference No. I OL-23-100000209

And a trademark license from the Ministry of Economy with reference number MOE-TM-37_39499857-20230324

Why Gold Era?

Gold Era ingots manufactured locally in a refinery accredited by the KSA for good delivery of commodities and the
Saudi Arabia Gold Market with different weights that satisfy all investment and saving aspirations in light of the flexibility to buy and sell and tightly wrapped with a serial number for the ownership of the ingot and its owner’s data

Gold Era is the perfect way to buy gold online and keep it in your electronic application without trouble for transportation and storage and without storage expenses. Gold can also be received in kind with no risk of any loss because your money is in the form of actual gold.

Gold Era is committed to the provisions of Islamic Sharia in the service of trading in gold without any commissions or any interest

Whether you are a private investor or a trader with an interest in gold, Gold Era has the services that meet your needs

Global gold index

Gold Era aims to streamline the entire process and provide a comprehensive service to customers from the account opening stage to the selection and implementation of services.

Distinguished service for our distinguished customers